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Paper Quilling Basic Shapes

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This is Trupti from Trupti's Craft. In the previous post my friend Janani gave you a brief information about paper quilling. Today I am going to tell you about some basic shapes of paper quilling.

These are the basic shapes made with the help of quilling niddle, slotted tool. If you do not have a slotted tool you can use a tooth pick. Snip the end of the tooth pick for about 0.5 cm, your slotted tool is ready.

Now let's see how to make each shape in detail .

Tight Coil: Insert a tip of paper strip in to the slot of slotted tool and roll it tightly. Glue the end of paper strip and remove the coil from the tool.

Loose Coil : Make a tight coil and release it gently before gluing. You can use circle sizer or quilling board to make desire size coils. Then glue the end of paper strip. Loose coil is the basic shape. By pinching loose coil in different places you can make lot of different shapes.

Ring Coil: Wrap a paper strip around any circular object like pen, handle of quilling tool etc. Glue the loose end and remove it. By pinching this ring coil you can also make different shapes.

Tear drop:  Make a loose coil and pinch one side to make tear drop.

Curved Teardrop: Make a tear drop and bend pinched end . 

Elongated Teardrop - Make a loose coil. Move the center to one corner and pinch opposite side to make to make entire shape long.

 Marquise: Make a loose coil and pinch both side.

Marquise With Single Curved End : Make a marquise and bend one end.

 Marquise With Double Curved Ends: Make a marquise and bend both ends in opposite directions.

Angled Marquise: Make a marquise and push one end toward the center forming angles.

Half Moon: Make a loose coil. Using both hands make a half moon.

 Arrow Head: Make a loose coil. Pinch one end pointed.  Press in the round part with your needle or slotted tool.

Bunny Ear: Make a loose coil. Use an awl or small pen and push one side of coil toward the center to forma bunny ear.

Lily of The Valley: Make a bunny ear and bend both ends outward.

Heart:  Make a loose coil. Pinch one side to make a tear drop.  Press in the rounded part with toothpick or your finger nail.

Half Circle:  Make a loose coil. Pinch one side to make a tear drop.  Pinch second time near to first pinch.

Triangle:  Make a loose coil. Pinch one side to make a tear drop.  Pinch second time near to first pinch to make half circle.  Then pinch the rounded part.

Square:  Make a loose coil. Pinch both ends to make a marquise. Pinch off rounded shapes to make square.

Rectangle:  Make a loose coil. Pinch both ends to make a marquise. Slightly rotate the shape and push pointed end towards enter

Holly Leaf : Make a loose coil. Pinch both ends to make a marquise. Pinch off new small points on each side of existing points. Make last two points. So totally you have 6 points.

Now let's talk about how to make some Eccentric Rolls/Coils.

Eccentric Loose CoilMake a loose coil and place it in a quilling board. Using a pin move a center to one side and stick it to the board. Glue the center in place and let it dry completely.

Eccentric Tear DropMake an eccentric loose coil and pinch the other end.

Eccentric Long Tear Drop: Make an eccentric loose coil. Press the entire circle and use your fingers to make entire shape long.

Eccentric Marquise: Make an eccentric loose coil. Position the glued center to one side and pinch both sides to make points.

These are just few shapes. You can make your own shapes too, just make loose coil or ring coil and pinch it. While pinching coil make sure that you will pinch near glued part of strip so that it will look glue. One more tip is use very less glue. 

If you have any questions then do not hesitate to ask in the comment section.

That's it for today. Stay tuned for next post where I am going to write about scrolls.

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  1. Very neat and nice tutorial.. Thank you very much.

    1. Thank you very much Jahnu for reading this post.
      You are most welcome.
      Please keep visiting for more information and tutorials.

  2. Hi Trupti,

    Do you teach to make quilling rakhis?

    1. Hi Monali, I did not teach anyone how to make rakhi but i made rakhis. You can see my rakhis here http://truptiscraft.blogspot.com/2013/08/paper-quilled-rakhis.html

      Rakhis are just like jewelry. Make a design, water proof it and then stick to the ribbon/cord/small rope.

      Hope this is helpful. If you need more help then let me know.

  3. Amei as dicas está tudo bem definido,porém fiquei com dúvida sobre qual é o melhor papel para realizar este trabalho.